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Welcome To CompTTEC 

CompTTEC was established in January 2008, and our mission is to empower the disadvantaged in society, equip the less well-offs with appropriate skills and enable them to realize their dreams and release their potentials.  Consequently they would be encouraged to change their fortunes through gainful employment and contribute to the society in a more meaningful and positive way.
We aim to achieve the above by providing a variety of high quality training and education in Information and Communications Technology. We have excellent IT facilities and our tutors are experienced and highly qualified. Our staff are friendly and with our flexible delivery system, your success and satisfaction are guaranteed.
CompTTEC is conspicuously located at Suite 11, The Square, opposite Cineworld on Broad Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Delivering good services requires valuing clients, hard-work and a commitment to excellence in all things. We are committed to ensuring that our clients acquire needed skills and are satisfied with our services and products.  Our organization is client-focused, and we guarantee strict confidentiality.

It is hoped that you will find on this site relevant information about the trainings, products and services we offer.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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